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Don't wash the car in the hot sun! These car washes cost money and destroy cars
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When it comes to carbon deposition, that's a truism. I will use the simplest few words to tell the landlord about the cause of the formation of carbon deposits. The power of the engine is generated from the engine piston down series when moving, the mixer in the air sucked into the cylinder of gasoline, and then to push the piston to the oil and gas compressed into highly combustible gas, the spark plug ignition will detonate it. The mixer is the source of power, directly into the combustion chamber in the valve, but there will be a small part of the gasoline will be attached to the intake valve, when the engine temperature no way all the gasoline combustion of hydrocarbons and wax will be burned into rubber carbon material. You know, gum carbon will absorb gasoline characteristics, so this layer of gum carbon will absorb gasoline, a vicious cycle, will lead to increased carbon deposition, and finally led to the engine can not work properly.

Landlord knows what kinds of carbon deposits, simply speaking, can be divided into two kinds, one is the valve combustion chamber coke, and the other is the intake pipe coke.

Immediately cut to the chase, I think you must want to know, do not worry, I have six tips to help you easily solve the problem, please allow me to say.

1. Add premium gasoline to the car. The tools of the car are the same as those of the people. They must be well fed and able to stay healthy for long periods of time. So, do you want to refuel or choose high quality gasoline?.

2, avoid idling for long time. The longer the idle time, the longer the engine reaches the normal temperature, and the rate of evaporation will slow down after the gasoline is sprayed on the back of the valve, so carbon deposition will occur. At idle speed, the air flow into the engine is small, and the erosion of carbon deposits is reduced, resulting in more carbon deposition.

3, often run high-speed, improve the car shift speed. Obviously, the multi run high speed is to make full use of the air flow on the intake pipe erosion, thereby avoiding deposition of carbon deposits. Increasing the speed of gear shifting is also an effective way to prevent the generation of carbon deposits, to improve the power of the car and to reduce the knock when the gear speed is too low. So the landlord ah, free time with your wife and children to ride on high speed.

4, choose the correct time to kill the car. Vehicles with turbochargers don't run out of cars at high speeds, run for about ten minutes at idle, then run out of cars, because the cars with turbochargers are faster in carbon deposition. In addition, the landlord can under the conditions of conventional maintenance conditions, every thirty thousand kilometers or so to do the system clear, so that it can effectively reduce the impact of carbon on the engine.

5 、 regularly clean the air intake system of the car. Cleaning the intake system of a car is the best and necessary method, which is the most effective way to reduce the formation of carbon deposits. The landlord is usually a bit more diligent, do not just clean up their own, but also to clean up the car every time.

6, use car cleaners to reduce carbon deposits in automobiles. Simply because there is no clean material in gasoline formation of automobile carbon, suggest that the landlord can choose to clean agent specifically to clean up the car, regular cleaning can be put on the surface of the metal carbon particles removed.

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