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Why are the outer cages of some cars broken more frequently?
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Drivers who have become car owners do not have a deep understanding of cars, especially consumers who have just started. I still don't know much about some relatively small parts of the car, such as what is the ball cage and what role it plays in the whole parts of the car. Moreover, it is particularly easy to be damaged in daily life, and it doesn't feel useful. What's the problem. Why are the outer cages of some cars broken more frequently? Taizhou oulide Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

The professional term of ball cage is constant velocity universal joint, which is a device to realize automobile transmission and ensure power output. Under the ideal design theory, the service life of the outer cage is very long under the condition of normal lubrication, and the damage performance is generally excessive consumption and loss of original working effect. There are two specific reasons. One is that the cage cover has reached its service life, but the driver forgot to replace it during maintenance. Normally speaking, after reaching the service life, there is a transitional period for the parts to be replaced by consumers. If the car owner forgets this maintenance business, the cage will lose its working ability and cause other damages to the car. The other is that the protective cover is damaged by traffic accident or road riprap, which causes irreversible impact on the working environment of the universal joint, and then makes the universal joint lose its working ability, which naturally damages the ball cage.

In addition to the daily use of the car, we need to pay attention to the normal work of some consumable parts which play a key role in the driving ability of the car, and we should also pay special attention to the follow-up maintenance and repair. For example, the outer ball cage, even if it has a certain service life, is the position where it is most easily contacted with the outside world. In the daily driving of the car, for the infrequent road conditions, after ensuring the safe passage, some chassis parts of the car should be observed to find out the situation in time, which is very important for the follow-up maintenance and repair.

In the daily maintenance, some parts are replaced, but we should pay more attention to whether the parts are distributed by the original factory, and try to choose the parts with the highest degree of harmony with the car itself. 

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