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Cage (cage) is also called "constant velocity universal joint" is the important parts of the automobile transmission system, its role is to the power of the engine from the transmission is transmitted to the driving wheel, driving the car at high speed. For a lot of car of constant velocity universal joint type, one of the most widely used is of ball cage patterned constant speed universal Festival and tripodal constant velocity section, it is mainly the sliding sleeve, three to shaft, drive shaft, star, keep frame, bell housing the main parts of the composition. Due to the constant velocity universal joint transmission of heavy driving torque, with the load, high transmission accuracy, the demand is great, but also the safety parts, so the main parts are made of fine forging processing.

The constant velocity universal joint used in the production of cars and the maintenance of automobiles is mainly depended on the import, and it takes a lot of foreign currency every year. For the development of China's automobile industry, after more than ten years of research and development of constant velocity universal joint for automobile mainly blank precision forging technology and production technology. Now with the production technology of the domestic manufacturers, but also a lot of, like Wafangdian Hongda (ZWZ), Shanghai GKN (SDS), Hangzhou Wanxiang, Taizhou Jutai (bik), Taizhou Hongli (Lee), Wenzhou Guansheng (GSP), Ningbo million navigation domestic manufacturers factory production of ball cage has been with the domestic and foreign OEMs to provide supporting! The production line is composed of spherical shell, cylindrical shell, forging line and star set, set to three axle block forging line.

Dust cover for cage products is a key component, the main role is to prevent dust entering the inner ball cage and prevent the outflow of inner ball cage of butter. Must use special high-temperature grease ball, can not be replaced by other grease.

Ball: the ball of the ball is fixed placed between the star and bell housing a maintained in six window frame, ball in the star shaped sleeve and bell housing just the half of the position, to identify and gimbal angle, smooth surface treatment makes the gimbal motion like a helical gear, six steel balls are respectively to promote their respective of star shaped sets and bell housing in the fairway, but is through the ball and not the gear teeth to transmit torque.

Inner ball cage (Trident): three ball pin type constant velocity universal joint which do not have the ball, but the use of three with a needle roller bearing, can in the bell housing three track in slip. Is mainly used for four-wheel drive in ball cage, applicable to reverse the position of the small angle of inner ball cage, can the inward and outward slip, so as to adapt to the drive shaft when the vehicle is moving in length changes.

Inner ball cage (six bead type): such slip type constant velocity universal joint with a different design philosophy, which by the steel ball in the oblique orbit transfer torque, excellent product performance, beyond the TJ in the cage, but the slip distance is short can solve the problem of noise. In the Raider Buggies used more widely.

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