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The car accelerated jitter: more from the inner ball joint damage
Release time:2015.11.14 News source:Yuhuan OuLiDe Auto Parts Co.,ltd. Browsing number:

The car accelerates the jitter will caused by vehicle ahead about direction of swing, serious whole body similar to the feeling of "Shai bran". What is the cause of the loss of the time when the failure occurs?

In fact the car accelerated the reason is very simple, first check the left and right half shaft is bent, followed by demolition inspection within the left and right ball cage wall wear and have a pit, in most cases by cage damage caused.

It is well known that the modern car for front engine and front wheel drive, the inner ball cage for retractable type in order to adapt to the vehicle driving gearbox driven terminal and driving wheel relative position changes. By dismantling can be found, in on the inner wall of the cage and needle roller bearing skin often contact parts, namely the transfer torque position (point), has produced the pit.

Vehicle when anxious acceleration, the engine gearbox assembly to make a slight side flip, thus changing the force point position, due to the existence of semi axis and the inner ball cage axial angle, so this point in the process of the rotation of the ball along the axial direction constantly changes to and fro, the change of the force the body to push on both sides, that is, the "fear" feeling. Elimination method is self-evident, the replacement of damaged inner ball cage or axle.

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