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Winter tire pressure regulation do not deliberately
Release time:2015.11.14 News source:Yuhuan OuLiDe Auto Parts Co.,ltd. Browsing number:

"To see the winter car skills, said tire pressure can not be high nor low, otherwise it will affect the ground effect, increase fuel consumption. No wonder I have recently felt the car was not stable, fuel consumption is also higher than the last month of nearly two oil, then, the winter tire pressure how much is appropriate?" The weather cold, novice Mr. Zhang began to focus on winter driving car skills. Tires, of course, also need to focus on the aspects of traffic, then the tire pressure should be how to pay attention to it?

It's important to pay attention to the tire pressure

Each car has a matching tire pressure, it has a direct impact on the performance of the tire and the reaction, and to a certain extent, affect the fuel consumption. Excessive tire pressure will not only increase the burst risk, but also make the tire in the middle of the protruding in the form of contact with the ground, whole car catch ground significantly reduced, when the emergency brake will not be able to provide enough friction. Low tire pressure will make tires on both sides of the outer edge of the contact with the ground, don't let the whole fetal face contact with the ground, in increased wear of the tire wall at the same time also cannot provide enough grip area, danger degree no less than high tyre pressure driving, and often wear the thin sidewall part will be a direct result of tires scrapped ahead of time.

Tire pressure without the need to deliberately lower

According to the car after-sales staff introduced, aiming at the tire pressure, it is recommended the best week in cold tyres with fetal pressure meter check the tire pressure, in order to protect the each side of the front and rear tire surface are fully in contact with the ground, achieve the best catch effect, also can reduce pavement vibration, increase driving comfort and fuel economy.

Second, the tire pressure not to reduce the intention. Some people tend to think that the tire pressure should be lower in winter, in order to increase the contact area of the tire and the ground, so that the friction will increase, relatively safe. In fact, this idea is not suitable for the situation now. Previous automotive tire pressure is generally higher, to the winter to reduce tire pressure is correct, but now the vehicle due to the need for comfort, normal tire pressure has been relatively low, if the buck, tire is very easy to damage. So the winter vehicle tire to maintain the standard tire pressure on the line. Specific to each car marked the pressure of the tire is quasi, the general 2.2-2.3bar, after the 2.4-2.5bar.

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