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Inferior car spare parts damage car carefully select filter
Release time:2015.11.14 News source:Yuhuan OuLiDe Auto Parts Co.,ltd. Browsing number:

Auto parts and automotive industry for non people, to distinguish between true and false is really difficult! Now on the market of fake and shoddy goods flooding, inferior products appearance and genuine is almost the same, many fake oil in online sales is cannot distinguish between true and false, many owners in order to save costs, it brings damage to other parts of the car, but cause unnecessary loss!

Harm of inferior oil filter

1, inferior oil filter filter paper material is poor, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the automotive engine filter, and filter area is less than the original oil filter, filter efficiency, service life is short.

2, inferior oil filter is often no bypass valve, once the filter is blocked, the engine will not be able to get enough oil lubrication, serious when the engine is the timing of the jump, burning, and even scrapped.

3, inferior oil filter does not extinguish the function of oil return, engine cold start of mechanical wear and tear, reduce engine life.

4, poor quality oil filter rubber sealing ring material, high temperature and high pressure sealing ring deformation, resulting in can not be effectively sealed, so that the oil leakage.

Harm of inferior fuel filter

1, the poor quality of the filter material used by poor, poor filter effect, the impurities in the gasoline easy to plug the fuel nozzle, resulting in higher fuel consumption, engine jitter, serious will lead to fuel injection nozzle damage!

2, inferior gasoline filter will make the oil pressure is not stable, oil pressure is too low or too high. Oil pressure is too low, the engine is difficult to start, the vehicle power is insufficient, the oil pressure is too high can make the gasoline combustion is not complete, the fuel consumption is high and easy to damage three yuan catalytic converter and oxygen sensor!

3, inferior gasoline filter filter element is not resistant to gasoline corrosion, off after the blockage of oil, will cause the engine can not start, the vehicle broke down, causing the engine damage!

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